420LAB Wholesale Site

As an authorized reseller of 420LAB Batteries products, we get first dibs on all new and advanced units released from the premier Chinese manufacturer. In addition, we are able to get access to amazing price cuts and promotions.

We offer the chance to be in on these great discounts as a wholesaler. Being a wholesaler will grant you access to all of 420LAB top of the line products at wholesale cost. This, in turn, will allow you to capitalize on potentially high revenue and great profits for your business. With danktankbattery.com as an authorized reseller, we are able offer and honor 420LAB warranties and guarantees.

Our Wholesale Program is an ideal choice and is very much worth considering for those looking for convenience as we are a connection between you and 420LAB. Dealing with us is as if you are dealing with them directly and that makes it so much easier especially for those within our area of operations. This is basically something positive in terms of logistics, pricing, and customer service, which we have a team of professional individual manning.

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